One of the items that represent the greatest danger in the house, is recognized as a kitchen knife

It is on the knife accumulate deadly viruses. According to the New Age, in the course of the experiment, conducted by experts from the Center for food safety at the University of Georgia, with the help of knives and graters cut 6 types of fruits and vegetables containing hepatitis a virus and norovirus.

In the end, more than half of knives and graters were recognized as sources of contamination responsible for the transmission of clean products. Testing was conducted using cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, carrots, melons. Though the results did not depend on the type of knife. It should be noted that prior to this, scientists have already mentioned the kitchen is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. However, previously the subject of all studies were bacteria, but not viruses.

According to co-author research Marilyn Erickson, to this conclusions in particular should listen to people with a weakened immune system. At the same time, not very practical to wash your knife every time you need to cut the product. However, in all cases, it is wiser to put the knives and graters thorough washing, not allowing them to remain dirty.

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