Beer contains nutrients that accelerate the process of parting with overweight. About it tell results of the work done by specialists from the University of Oregon. They conducted an experiment with laboratory mice. Animals were fed foods with high interest in fat. As a biological Supplement, test subjects received xanthohumol, one of the compounds included in the composition of beer. The results of the study tells the publication Zee News.

It turned out that xanthohumol reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood by 80%. Also increases the effectiveness of insulin in the body. According to research, xanthohumol increases the effectiveness of the diet is 22%.

Now about the mechanism of action of substances. Xanthohumol speeds up the metabolism in the body. Because of this, fats and other sources of excess calories more effectively displayed in the form of thermal energy. The required therapeutic dose is about 60 milligrams of substance per kilogram of body weight. Beer is the number to get the average man will need to drink more than 3 500 pints.

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