One kidney was transplanted twice

In the US, the surgeons were able to perform a unique operation - they put the same kidney in turn two different people.

First, the patient received a donor kidney from his younger sister, but the donation did not save the patient. 27-year-old man ray Tearing with joy received a kidney from his sister Sarah. His disease focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, Nova began to develop and threatened to hurt and donor healthy body. In this disease, the kidneys begin to refuse patients due to high accumulation of connective tissue in the glomerular capillaries. Unfortunately this disease after transplantation more than half of the cases end in a re-manifestation of the disease.

Therefore it is decided was to give a healthy kidney to another patient. The chief surgeon of Lorenzo gallon with his team two weeks after the first transplantation decided to re-transplant, this time a healthy kidney gave 66-year-old surgeon Erwin Gomez. Organ immediately began work in a new body, and after eight days, all of the primary lesion from FSGS completely disappeared.

This operation was performed for the first time in the world, in addition to the medical record, it also proved the assumption that the reason for the development of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis is the increase in concentration in the blood coagulation factor, and damage to the kidney disease is completely reversible, if you pass it to the patient without the disease.

The first kidney recipient who has already received from her sister, is on the waiting body, the queue and passes the weekly dialysis, because donated his kidney will now serve as ex-doctor. Surgeons hope that the new kidney to the ray will not be affected by his illness.

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