One injection can reduce cholesterol levels by two-thirds

Injection, which consists of obtained in the laboratory of antibody-based human protein that can disable a protein that prevents the liver to filter "bad" cholesterol from the blood. This reduces the level of cholesterol by a third, say British researchers, led by Dr. Clapton Diaz.

"Bad" cholesterol, or low-density lipoprotein, can cause blockage of the arteries, which increases the risk of heart disease or stroke.

Although in the near future, this method will not be available to patients in one day it can be used as an alternative treatment for patients who do not respond to other treatments, such as statins.

Dr. Clapton Dias, head of the study, notes that at high dose positive effects lasted for about one month.

Statins are the best treatment for high cholesterol at this stage of the development of science, but some patients need to take a combination of four or five kinds of drugs to achieve the desired effect.

Others may not use statins regularly because they suffer from side effects.

Six out of ten adults in the UK have high cholesterol.

"While the study was performed only on a small number of healthy volunteers, and, although the results seem promising, the necessary tests with participation of patients diagnosed with high cholesterol, before we can say with certainty whether it can be useful" - says Diaz.

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