One in six mobile E. coli

In the UK spent an amazing investigation - checked the "purity" of mobile telephones. Mobile phone is an object, which constantly contacts the modern man. Mobile "friend" not for nothing that fell under the scope of sanitary inspectors - it discovered E. coli.

As shown by washouts, every sixth phone virus-infected Escherichia coli. Doctors believe that this is due to the fact that people rarely wash their hands, especially after visiting the toilet. Escherichia coli is the causative agent, which is located in Calais, in some cases, causing severe food poisoning.

Research from the London school of hygiene, University of London Queen Mary embraced the twelve cities of England and 390 samples obtained from mobile phones and hands volunteers.

After receipt of swabs from mobile phones, participants were interviewed on the topic of hand hygiene. The results showed that many people give false information about their health habits. 95 percent of the participants reported that they wash their hands with soap and water wherever possible. Although laboratory tests have shown that 92 percent of phones and 82% of hands were inseminated by bacteria, while 16 percent of the participants on the hands and the phone found the bacteria Escherichia coli.

Study author Dr. Val Curtis, said: "This study shows that many people do not wash their hands properly, especially after visiting the toilet. I hope that the idea that E. coli remains on the hands and the phone will affect the consciousness of the people, and they will wash their hands with soap and water, this is such a simple thing that saves lives ".

Handwashing with soap can prevent some infectious diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. If unavailable soap with sink, has antibacterial wipes with alcohol content of about 60%, they may replace the traditional procedure.

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