One hamburger and 2-3 glasses of alcohol taken away from life 30 minutes

Scientist-statistician from the University of Cambridge David Spiegelhalter estimate that one hamburger or 2-3 glasses of alcohol taken from the life of 30 minutes. At the same time 2-3 cups of coffee, on the contrary, add half an hour to life. 2 cigarettes as a hamburger or a portion of meat that can shorten the life of 30 minutes.

For our calculations of statistics has created a special measure of life, the so-called "microing", which is equal to 30 minutes. Ongoing research about the dangers or benefits of a product or lifestyle, it measures in microing".

Interesting, but who spends two hours watching TV shortens your life for half an hour, that is, one "microing", not to mention wasted two hours.

But not all products or actions take "microsize", some of them, on the contrary, increase. So, for example, 2-3 cups of coffee add half an hour, one hour to life adds exercising for twenty minutes, and the daily consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits prolongs the life of four "microsize". And women initially have a bonus of 4 "microsize" precisely because it is women.

Goal by David counts is the desire to draw special attention to one or another thing that makes a man, because, knowing the consequences, maybe he will think before you do or eat anything.

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At the same time, Spiegelhalter notes that his technique is not conclusive, and, of course, the errors are the place to be.

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