Eggs, the scientists, help the body women to resist the formation of cancer cells in the mammary glands. It just takes one egg a day to significantly decrease the likelihood of developing cancer.

The first study proving the above fact, there have been 13 years ago. Then the scientists were able to establish that regular consumption of eggs reduces the risk of breast cancer in women by 18%. Recent research shows even more positive effect from the product. Only 6 eggs in one week is able to reduce the likelihood of developing breast cancer by 44%, almost half.

The whole thing in "omega-6", experts say. This group of nutrients prevents the growth of cancer cells. Even in chicken eggs contains a number of micronutrients that prevent inflammation.

With all this, abuse the eggs, scientists and doctors do not recommend. Excessive love of this product increases the level of cholesterol in blood and promotes the formation of plaques in blood vessels.

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