One-day lenses: what is their advantage and how to choose

Doctors say that the most convenient and safe form of contact lenses are one day. Before long lenses use in daily has several advantages.

The advantages of disposable contact lenses

First, a one-day lenses significantly save time, because for them not to care. Secondly, you can forget about solutions and containers for storage, which is very convenient for travel. Thirdly, those who wear lenses on a nonpermanent basis, no need to remember when they last were disinfected. Fourth, you never have to worry about dry eyes, irritation and allergies, since there is no need to apply care products, and various kinds of deposits do not have time to accumulate.

Doctors also often use a one-day contact lenses in cases when:

the patient had broken his glasses and spare it does not have

- the patient during examination expanded pupils. In this case, the lenses are chosen in such a way as to ensure his vision is sufficient visual acuity and to protect our way back home

we need to teach the patient the proper donning and removal of lenses

- patient's eye is dry due to the use of solutions for reusable lenses

Someone recommended a one-day lenses?

1. Suffer from allergies

2. Those who are concerned about irritation from the use of solutions to care for the lenses

3. Those who had experienced conjunctivitis

4. Children and adolescents

5. Travelers and people who often go on business trips

6. Athletes and active people

7. Public people

Rules for the use of lenses

1. Do not touch the lenses with dirty hands.

2. You cannot sleep in them.

3. Should not be allowed to use anyone.

4. You cannot swap the right and left lenses to protect your eyes from inflammation.

How to choose lenses?

For a start, it is strongly recommended to visit the ophthalmologist. He will measure the parameters of the eye, will determine the degree of rigidity of the cornea of the patient, and on the basis of studies will advise him of the lenses of several manufacturers. Next, choose the appropriate option can only be experienced by experimenting with the degree of rigidity, manufacturer, material and color. The most important criterion for selection of daily contact lenses should be comfortable.

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