Oncologists: paint for tattoos can be confused with metastases

Doctors from America spent one patient body scan and found she had cervical cancer with metastasis to the inguinal lymph nodes. According to the plan of operation, surgeons had to remove the uterus, and lymph nodes. Further follow-up the patient showed a bright zone in the lymph nodes – the only traces of paint for tattoos.

In the study by computed tomography with intravenous contrast is injected a radioactive substance to illuminate tumors. Surgeons remove the uterus with the lymph nodes. Tissue examination showed no cancer in the lymph nodes, they had the paint for tattoos, ranked 14 of the drawings on his feet.

This is not the first case when the paint from tattoos moves into the lymph nodes. Scientists urge doctors to be more careful in the diagnosis of cancer and to consider all factors associated with the development of this disease.

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