Hot coffee can cause cancer of the esophagus. This statement was made by the representatives of the world health organization (who). Coffee currently entered in the list of factors contributing to the emergence of malignant neoplasms. However, this issue is controversial, said the publication Reuters. In some cases, coffee may reduce the risk of cancer.

Any liquid with a temperature above 65 degrees, getting into the esophagus, in theory, might damage mucosa. Permanent injury cause mucosal neoplasia and background for the development of cancer. However, the name hot coffee is unconditional carcinogen not. On the risk of cancer is influenced by many factors: genetic predisposition and bad habits to chance, from which no one is immune.

Esophageal cancer is on the eighth place among other types of malignant tumors. This type of cancer has a high risk of death from the disease. The fact that most of the treatments for cancer of the esophagus are of a temporary nature, prolonging life for months and years. In 2012 from the disease died 400 000 people.

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