Oncologists have identified how the immune system participates in cancer

Specialists-oncologists completed a study whose main objective was to determine how the human immune system assists in the fight against cancer.

In February, "Snob" spaced material containing information about advances in cancer treatment, announced that Eugene ledin – doctor of chemotherapy Center hospital in MEDSI Botkin thoroughfare. In particular, he mentioned that the Japanese expert Tasuku Kodama has managed to create a class of drugs checkpoint inhibitor. With their help, scientists were able to investigate the protein PD-1, contributing to the preservation of balance in the immune system. For this discovery, the scientist was awarded the Nobel prize.

Experts say that cancer cells use checkpoint inhibitors to overcome the immune response. These substances act as antibodies to PD-1, by which it becomes possible to identify the protein and make it a blockade, which in turn, prevents malignant cells to escape immune. This is what allows the immune system to counteract cancer cells.

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