Oncologists are forbidden to dye hair of women

Does hair dye harm, remains open. Most hairstylists say that coloring modern tools absolutely safe because it does not penetrate through the skin into the body. However, some scientists are divided in opinion. Some experts believe that women often go to beauty salons and hair color is subjected to their health at grave risk. Numerous studies that there is a connection between frequent hair coloring and breast cancer.

Scientists proved that if a woman is doing this procedure about 5 times a year, the risk is increased at least 15%. Cancer occurs due to the substances included in the composition of the dye means. The scalp absorbs these harmful components. In the body there is an accumulation of carcinogens.

It is important to consider that the frequent use of coloring tools with aggressive composition leads to adverse effects - allergic reactions, irritation of the scalp, worsening the hair condition. Natural paint is less toxic.

By the way, not so long ago chapstick also recognized the harmful cosmetic product. A large French Corporation commissioned a study that allowed to test the quality of the lipstick. Studies have shown that the coloring tool on 50% consists of harmful substances. They adversely affect the human body. For the study was purchased over 20 samples of hygienic lipsticks. This also includes lipstick major cosmetic companies.

10 lipsticks contained harmful components. For example, in some samples, the researchers found mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons. They cause inflammation in the liver. These substances are especially dangerous in hygienic lipstick. As there is the risk of licking lipstick and swallowed inside these components.

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