On what to pay attention to when choosing glasses

Various deviations of view from the norm today is increasingly diagnosed in many people in our country. In many cases the reason is the poor hygiene of vision when reading, working at the computer. Today from eye diseases, which create a lot of problems at work and in everyday life, affects people of different ages. To solve the problem keeps glasses can reduce the trouble caused to a person with weak eyesight. Then consider, what to look for when choosing glasses, because to approach this question seriously to avoid further deterioration of eye health.

When choosing sunglasses should pay attention to both the lenses and the frame. These two interrelated elements of harmony are for points "kachestvennymi".

Modern design offers a choice of glass or plastic lenses. Between glass and plastic, it is impossible to determine the best. Nedostatki and there are undeniable advantages of both the one and the other material.

Glass lenses are good "hold" form, thereby ensuring the stability of the optics. During the entire lifetime of their transparency remains unchanged, they can be described as durable. Lenses made of glass well delay the harmful ultraviolet light, slightly reduce the irritant effect on the eye of electric welding. Some glasses with glass lenses can also be used for sun protection (chameleons).

Lenses made of polycarbonate plastic, have a number of advantages. They are light, less hazardous, easier to turn, easy to manufacture dioptric lens of double curvature. Plastic lenses require careful maintenance.

No matter how high-quality and well-chosen were not the lens, rough, sloppy made frame can negate the entire effect from their use. For the first time, human nature, reluctance to wear glasses, because of fear to acquire the glory of the "four-eyes", and ugly rim is able to exacerbate it.

When choosing a frame, you should ensure that it is well sat on the bridge of the nose, do not put pressure on the ear cavity and whiskey. The final choice should be made only after the execution of direct fitting.

You should choose glasses that will tell others about your taste, style, social status. With proper selection of this accessory you can even correct some of the shortcomings of appearance, to make the face is just adorable.

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