On the territory of the Russian Federation will start counting HIV among homosexuals and prostitutes

Homosexuals and prostitutes are at risk of acquiring HIV. This is not news. Earlier in Russia did not go deep into the study of this problem, but now the CPS decided to take the situation under strict control. The project will enter into force next year.

From the words of the representative of the head of the Federal scientific and methodological center for prevention and fight against AIDS Century. Pokrovsky it became known that to determine how much spread of HIV among vulnerable groups, it is not possible, as this requires special methods. For example, to give the query in the organization type of LGBT people, in order to collect samples.

These actions will need funds in the amount of several millions, because on the territory of the Russian Federation today, more than a million patients with HIV. Data exceeds statistics of the United States. The results show that every twentieth representative of the male population aged 30 years infected with HIV. In this regard, I propose to organize a Department or an independent body to combat this disease.

Everything else on the territory of St. Petersburg for the first time will be studying the prevalence of HIV infection among homosexuals. It is already funded in the amount of half a million rubles.

Last year at 479 prostitutes were taken tests. In 13% of them were diagnosed with HIV. In St. Petersburg only 60 thousand HIV-infected people and this is just the recorded data, in fact, this figure may be more than four times! One of the main problem that symptoms of the disease become apparent after 5-7 years after the person became infected.

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