On the planet can again receive the dinosaurs

Judging by what is said in one of the latest scientific theories on Earth can once again receive the dinosaurs enormous size. Scientists have made this conclusion based on a strong warming, which is rapidly increasing growth of a large number of reptiles, which can grow to the size of their ancestors and re-populate the Earth.

The study, which lasted for many years has shown that most of these species of reptiles like lizards, turtles and crocodiles can become giants, if you create a favorable climate for growth, for example, in a special terrariums with a high fever. These findings allow the conclusion of the theory that if there is global warming almost all reptiles that exist on earth, will grow significantly, as well as on our planet appears their new species.

During the study of lizard species Barbaturex morrisoni, the age of which about 40 million years scientists not found any obvious features that it could too be materially different from modern lizards, in addition to huge size of course. But when all noted that the fixed connection between the climate of the time and significant growth in reptiles.

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