On the breast growth is affected by stress and family structure

A new study by scientists from Scotland showed that the experience of young girls stress positively on their forms, in particular - before they begin to grow Breasts.

Scientists of longtime observes a decrease in the average age of the formation of the female figure, often the breast starts to grow with completing primary school girls. This phenomenon is largely due not only to the growing population of the planet by the level of obesity, but also with stress related to the relationship between the parents. For example, girls in single-parent families without a father, his chest begins to rise much earlier.

Professor, University of Edinburgh Richard Sharpe also notes that in single-parent families girls are more vulnerable to stress not only on relationships in the family, they also worry about whether to join the team, which will be able to achieve out of life, their expectations from the life are often overstated.

Such hormonal disruptions and lead to early development of the breast that cannot be considered a positive trend from a medical point of view - before the appearance of the breast may lead to early sexual life, but also to provoke breast cancer.

It is worth noting that the average age at onset of breast girls in our century already plummeted to five years compared to the 19th century.

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