On libido negatively impact American drug against hair loss

Supervisory authorities in the U.S. identified side effects of drugs manufactured by the giant in the field of pharmaceutical industry, Merck, writes LiveStream.ru in turn, referring to the source Agency AFP. This fact is reported to the Management of drugs and food (FDA).

In USA drugs Proscar and Propecia were resolved in 1997 and 1992, respectively. The active substance is finasteride, which blocks the activation of testosterone - sex hormone men. Proscar is used to treat BPH and Propecia - to solve hair loss in the male half of humanity. Shortly after the successful release of these drugs on the market, the media regularly reports emerged about unwanted side effects. Taking drugs men complained of a significant decrease in libido, as well as experienced violations in ejaculation.

Subjective causal relationship between medication and ozvuchennymi above side effects were not found. However, expert research group, FDA believes that the potential danger still exists. In this connection, the Supervisory authority was required Merck to publish in all media for more information about the likelihood of a negative impact on the sexual life of drugs used, which contains finasteride. Also in the instructions should be mandatory warning about the likelihood of reducing the quality of the sperm, but coming to normal after a complete failure of the drug.

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