On Instagram-photos can be used to diagnose depression

A group of researchers from the University of Vermont have learned to identify a group of people who are prone to depressive disorders, according to the photos in Instagram. A computer program in some cases, can diagnose clinical depression.

To create the algorithm required a detailed analysis of thousands of photos from the social network. It turned out that when depressed, people tend to use a blue filter as a processing for a photo. This, according to scientists, is the main feature for people in a state of depression and apathy.

The more pictures in blue tones on the page of the person, the higher the chances of the presence of depression. According to the statistics, healthy people use blue filter in Instagram is extremely rare.

Program created in 70% guessed of people with depressed mood. Data were verified during the testing and interviewing of volunteers-owners of accounts. The researchers suggest that the results of their work in the future will be useful to identify unstable people who are prone to crimes.

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