On child development may be adversely affected by postpartum depression in fathers

"Fathers postpartum depression can have a negative impact on child development. Depression after childbirth can "attack" is not only the woman but also some men," reports RIA "Novosti", in turn, referring to the results of a study by scientists at Oxford University, published on the pages of the Daily Mail. This factor may cause behavioral disorders child.

Postpartum depression is a condition caused by a night of insomnia and a new cargo liability can be found about 5 percent of the men who became first-time fathers. Researchers have full confidence that this condition can negatively affect children's development. Fathers who are depressed spend with their children much less time and is such a gap in their communication the first months of life a baby can be one of the reasons for the onset of behavioral problems.

Specialists Oxford surveys were conducted 38-year-fathers, half of the men from the specified numbers were in a state of post-Natal depression. The children of these fathers were aged 3 months. On the captured scientists rollers 3 minutes clearly shows that depressed men are much less communicate with their kids and most are focused only on their problems.

The researchers believe that the problem of switching in early childhood inevitably can lead to negative consequences for the child's future development. "Despite the fact that fathers are faced with many hormonal changes that occur in the mother's body, they often feel truly dramatic transformation in their lives," said Dr. Paul Ramchandani University of Oxford (Department of psychiatry).

As data scientists, about 4-5 percent of the fathers have a tendency to postpartum depression (in women, this figure is about twice that). Despite the relative distribution of this phenomenon, until the end and not clear what throws fathers in this gloom. However, there are studies that suggest that paternal depression is due to the fact that the child takes the lion's share of the family budget, and as a result - change of partner relations and concerns to get a new responsibility.

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