On blood pressure affects the quality of marriage - a study

In one recent study, psychologists have found a link between family relationships and blood pressure of the spouses. Nothing new at this time, the scientists said. The stress accumulated in the process of building family relationships, accumulates and becomes a cause of hypertension. Reducing the level of family stress, you can protect yourself from heart disease and blood vessels, scientists say.

According to the theory, the spouses should be considered as an integral body. Stress affecting one, has a negative impact on the other. Interesting is another fact: men are extremely sensitive to stress wives, but the reverse according to scientists, almost not found.

Psychologists say that men need constant support from its second half. As a result, in family relations is formed by a one-way communication, while men are acutely aware of its lack. When the wife is under stress, she can't give the necessary support to her husband that causes a shift in the balance of relations and puts them at risk of collapse.

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