On a child's genes may affect maternal nutrition - scientists

Nutrition of women during pregnancy will certainly impact on the health of her child. As it turned out, the products can activate and deactivate specific genes in the fetus. In the study, scientists tracked the 84 pregnant women living in the Gambia. A feature of this region is a strong dependence of the diet on the season.

Some women who became pregnant during the rainy season, the rest during a drought. In the experiment, the scientists measured the levels of nutrients in the body mothers after birth were studied DNA of the child.

Scientists from the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine found that the DNA of the children varied depending on maternal diet. The data was confirmed not only in the experiment with mice, but also with people. Note, in the first experiment, scientists have proven that there is a connection between diet mice and the color of the fur of the mice.

There is an assumption that the diet is able to activate and deactivate genes that modify them. The most studied phenomenon of DNA methylation. Children born in the rainy season, methylation was expressed significantly stronger that finds a link with better maternal nutrition during pregnancy.

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