Omega-3 fatty acids are useful for osteoarthritis

New research shows that omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and Flaxseed oil can significantly reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis and to slow the progression of the disease.

Scientists at Bristol University in the UK published a paper in which he identified beneficial effects in osteoarthritis diet iodized omega-3 fatty acids.

"Old wives tales about the usefulness of fish diets has found the first evidence of the use of omega - 3 fatty acids for joint health. These acids affect the biochemistry of the disease, they prevent early degradation of collagen in cartilage tissue due to the preservation of molecules that betray her shock-absorbing properties. This will not only help prevent disease and slow its progression," said lead researcher Dr. John.

This study resulted in a biochemical level to prove the effectiveness of omega-3 fatty acids in osteoarthritis, but because it was conducted on laboratory animals - Guinea pigs, further study is required on the person.

Arthritis is a serious disease of the articular system, leading to social exclusion of the person. Currently there is no effective treatment to slow the progression of the disease, and treatment is limited to pain relief and, ultimately, the surgical transplantation of the artificial joint.

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