Olive oil reduces the risk of breast cancer

Scientists have found further confirmation of the usefulness of olive oil for the human body, proving that its components reduce the risk of developing breast cancer in women during menopause. In addition, hydroxytyrosol, the main component of olive oil, normalizes blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke, says DNA India.

Oncologists scientifically proven link between breast tissue and the development of cancer process. The increase in density leads to cancer. The decrease in the density of breast tissue by 1% can reduce the risk of cancer by 2%. It is proved that hydroxytyrosol normalizes metabolism in the gland and prevents the development of pathological processes in it. However, the researchers note, the substances may be side effects that are not yet identified.

At the moment we plan to conduct research involving 50 women in menopause and 50 women, not yet included in this physiological state. Volunteers will offer to take capsules with hydroxytyrosol in a whole year. Examination will be held once in three months. Control placebo group will not.

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