Olive oil reduces the incidence of stroke

Research center INSERM, Bordeaux University and a number of other centres in France summed up the results of a major study of the "Three-city", whose task was to define the role of high consumption of olive oil in the prevention of stroke.

The study covered 7625 people, the average duration of surveillance specialists for man was 5.2 years. It incorporates many of the amendments are: age, gender, risk factors, body mass index, physical activity, socio-demographic factors and dietary variables.

The results of the study impressed many in the group of people regularly consume olive oil in the incidence of stroke was reduced by 41% than in the group of people in the diet are olive oil was not present.

The obtained results demonstrate the neuroprotective properties of oleic acid, which is part of olive oil.

Stroke or acute ischemic stroke is a serious disease with high mortality and invalidizacii. Despite the continuous development of medicine, the treatment of acute disorders of cerebral circulation remains a problem area. Why in the world neurologists and allied professionals seriously busy finding ways to prevent stroke. This study emphasized the importance of "feeding behavior" in the prevention of stroke.

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