Employees insurance company RIAS found: young older people are more likely to not come to work because of illness. They spend at the hospital twice more time and often pretend to be ill to take a break from work. At the hospital last year 25% of employees over 50 years old and 50% of young people aged 20-29 years. This writes The Telegraph.

Older workers are less likely to miss work due to illness

The majority of older people continued to go to work with a bit of flu symptoms and returned to the workplace faster young. Only one in ten workers over the age of 50 years spent in hospital longer than expected. The same figure among a group of employees 20-29 years was 50%.

A third of employees aged 39 years considered sick leave as a Supplement to the main release. Many believed that they deserved a few days of rest. Causes of defrauding employer banal: the hangover and unwillingness to communicate with colleagues, inability to Wake up from the morning due to overwork.

Researchers believe that older people are stronger hold on their jobs. According to statistics, in youth there is a constant change of work to get the maximum impressions and experiences.

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