Older people tend to remember visual information scientists

Researchers from brown University conducted an experiment involving volunteers. People were divided into groups. In the first group was the elderly aged 67-79 years, the second young people aged from 19 to 30 years old.

Scientists have suggested that the volunteers have to browse through several sequences of letters and digits. The volunteers said that the letters to remember not necessarily important figures only. At the end of each set of letters and digits were points moving randomly or in a certain direction. The trajectory points varied depending on the level of difficulty of the primary task, according to Science Codex.

A group of older people remembered features of movement points more likely than the young group. Apparently, the brain of an elderly person more inclined to assimilate visual information. During the aging process is broken "filter" unnecessary information, in the older trying to remember everything I see.

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Thus, scientists have discovered one of the mechanisms of memory in old age. The information will help in the search

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