Ointment for the treatment of psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic disease that affects the skin of the person. Treatment of psoriasis ointments and other preparations gives patients only short-term effect, although significantly and improves their quality of life. People diagnosed with psoriasis, you have to learn to live with the disease, to the maximum extent possible soon to always achieve cosmetic comfort during exacerbations and to maintain remission as long as possible.

Ointment for psoriasis

Many patients are under constant stress and resent the treatment they prescribed them by their doctors, not give a positive effect. Patients should understand that completely cure psoriasis is not possible, and the effect of local products may decrease as you get used to them. You cannot believe ads that specific clinic is able to completely cure psoriasis.

Ointment for the treatment of psoriasis are applied to the parts of the body where symptoms of the disease. Assign them in light and moderate currents of the disease. These include those that contain:

• Corticosteroids - hormonal drugs, the effect of which is to reduce inflammation, inhibition of immune responses and suppression division rate of skin cells. This is betamethasone, fluotsinolon, triamcinolone, and others, they remove flaking and itching in areas of psoriatic plaques. Hormonal ointments cannot be used for a long time, as the skin gets used and it occurs atrophy.

• Calcipotriol is a synthetic analogue of vitamin D, which also inhibits cell division of the surface layers of the skin. The ointment has little effect on the metabolism of calcium in the body. She normally tolerated by patients. Most dermatologists prescribe calcipotriol with glucocorticosteroids.

• Salicylic acid as a keratolytic, antiseptic and local anti-inflammatory agent. Ointment (5%) effectively soften the affected layers of the skin, intended for more effective use of other ointments. Use it quite carefully, so as salicylic ointment in contact with some medications can cause the body serious irreversible processes.

Depending on what the character of the disease, can be administered, and other ointments for the treatment of psoriasis containing boric acid, tar, zinc oxide.

There are many treatment programs, but none of them is conventional and will not be effective for any and all patients. Treatment for any type of psoriasis is strictly individual. Experts strongly urge that the treatment should always be carried out only under their supervision. Not sure of the professionalism of your doctor - find another doctor, but never self-medicate.

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