Oil station trigger earthquakes

In its new edition, edition of Science informs: as seismic activity correlated with human activity. According to research in the areas of production of petroleum products are often observed earthquake, this is due to the injection of recycled water into the ground.

As research points scientists chose Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma. In places where there is oil, and waste water was re-injected into underground aquifers, were installed sensors seismic activity. The result of the comparison of the data revealed that in places pumping waste water, has the highest probability of local earthquakes that may occur as the echoes of large earthquakes.

A leading scholar of the American research Center earthquakes William Elsworth parts earthquakes induced by human activity, into two main groups. The main reason to be hydraulic fracturing such earthquakes have a magnitude of not more than 2 points, it is virtually imperceptible on the surface of the earth. However, when pumping water between reservoirs magnitude may increase such example is the earthquake in Oklahoma.

Seismic activity is not directly associated with human activities, the press talked about the negative effects of not only the oil industry, and geothermal plants.

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