Officials will decide what to do with the advertising of medicinal preparaon in the media

In a short time should be clarified the situation by advertisements in the media. The adopted draft law "On amending article 24 of the Federal law "On advertising" must resolve the conflict between the parts 7 and 8 of the articles that is devoted to the advertising of medical products.

Thus, the seventh part of the article is to the material requirements of advertising. In these requirements is the responsibility of the distribution in the advertising of medical services and preventive methods of diagnosis, treatment and medical rehabilitation, notification about the possible presence of contraindications and responsibilities acquaintance with guidance for use of or consultation with a specialist.

Exceptions include advertising, have places where medical and pharmaceutical exhibitions, seminars, conferences and various similar events. Including special printed edition, available only to medical professionals.

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It was incompatible with part 8 of article, which said that the advertising of medical services, preventive methods of diagnosis, treatment and medical rehabilitation has the right to be placed in a special medical media. This part of the article changed and now you can put some advertising in the General media.

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