Officials will consider full payment of sick leave related to flu epidemic

To realize this idea is possible, but not this winter, said the first Deputy Chairman of the state Duma on health protection Nikolay Gerasimenko. "It's not such large amounts. Most importantly, one became ill with the flu infects about ten people. There will not be a waste of Fund - savings due to the fact that there will be less to fall ill with other. In some countries, when there is a period of acute diseases, just not allowed to go out three to five days to work when the flu, and keep the wages, without sick leave," - says Gerasimenko.

Question about 100% sick pay during the epidemic of influenza is considered not for the first time. Such proposals have been received previously. The ability of the patient worker to complete a full course of treatment and not to lose money will allow you to keep health of citizens and to quickly deal with infectious diseases in the season of high incidence.

If the initiative is approve at the legislative level, working people will be able to receive payment for the days spent in sickness, in full. The first review of the act scheduled for next year.

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