Officials will change the order of the test alcohol intoxication

The procedure for the determination of alcohol in the breath will become more transparent, experts believe. Now there are certain differences in the test for alcohol intoxication for drivers and violators of public order. Her and want to fix it.

The reason for taking the test may serve as one of four reasons: the smell of alcohol on his breath, unsteadiness of gait, slurred speech or a change in color of the face. The procedure begins with the exhale into a special device. If the presence of alcohol in the air is confirmed, the procedure is repeated after 15-20 minutes. If the error is exceeded of 0.16 milligrams of alcohol per liter, the test is considered positive. After the driver gives blood and urine samples for these analyses.

The bullies aimed at examination management, biological fluids sent for analysis only if three or more signs of intoxication. The new rules will operate from 26 March.

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