Officials plan to introduce the official designated Smoking area in the stairwell

New places will be equipped with a special plate, lighting, fire safety system. The law may relate not only to different companies, but also ordinary apartment buildings.

Now Smoking is banned in airports, railway stations, restaurants and other public places. In the list of places free from tobacco smoke, until recently, fell and entrances of apartment houses. Experts believe that Smoking room in such houses will not install, too big financial expenses, but willingly to splurge on a Smoking area will become one.

"The idea of a ubiquitous organization of Smoking in the houses is utter nonsense. Such an initiative would only legalize the system Smoking in the hallways, which will continue to occur in ordinary cans filled with cigarette butts. In this case, the tenants, have no bad habits, will be even harder to complain about smokers," says Svyatoslav Kokarev, President of the Regional industrial Association of employers of housing and communal organizations of St. Petersburg "Zhilkomsoyuz".

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