The Ministry of health proposed amendments to "the Procedure of emergency, including emergency specialized medical care." The main changes have affected the arrival time of a brigade to the patient. It should not exceed 20 minutes.

"First appeared in the document a clear statement about that in the form of extra time to get to the patient away ambulance crews should not exceed 20 minutes. In previous editions we had only about territorial planning of substations that need to take into consideration the 20-minute transport accessibility. The new amendment would require ambulance station when receiving a message about an explicit threat to human life to assign a call of "red" and as a matter of urgency to send the machine to the patient with physicians. If loss of consciousness, impaired respiratory function, a fall from a height, if hit by a car, then the call should immediately be colored in red and the car should be made a priority and in order received calls", - says Sergey Bagnenko, the chief freelance specialist of the Department for medical emergencies.

In the ambulance team will include nurses. "If there are not enough paramedics and as the second member of the team finally, our procedure allows to attract the nurse. And the second thing that is very important, all the University towns as nurses can use the medical students after the third courses, passed the examination for the qualifications of a nurse", says Bagnenko.

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