Office work contributes to obesity

The weight of modern man is heavily dependent on its lifestyle. Recent studies show that processing can cause extra pounds, writes The Times of India. During the lunch breaks in the office, people often prefer the harmful and fatty food, violates the mode of nutrition.

The survey Fruyo, showed that 37% during work, eat biscuits, 32% prefer chocolate, and 30% of the chips. Of course, everyone is trying to aware about the amount of junk food, but there are also severe cases, when an office worker, hiding his secret, eating harmful foods, locked in a toilet cubicle.

Scientists say: the main reason for the consumption of fatty foods in the workplace - not hunger, and idleness. Hands and head need something to hold, which leads to pathological craving for food. Crisps, chocolate, biscuits help to relax, gain strength, calm down and take a break from work.

The research proved that the most dangerous situation in marketing. Every fourth employee is always something there at the work place. Interestingly, even health care workers do not follow your diet, although I know all the effects of unhealthy food and snacks during working hours.

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