Of free sale from today taken codeine containing means

Ban on the sale of free-form drugs, containing codeine, which has been much discussed, finally entered into force. From today, based on the resolution without a prescription in pharmacies, can be purchased antitussive and painkillers containing codeine, writes Газета.Ru.

This measure was originally designed for pharmaceutical drug to put a cross. But, nevertheless, experts in the person of Eugene Brune chief narcologist of Russia have doubts about its effectiveness, because addicts can easily switch to other drugs, and in clinics for recipes lined up kilometer queue.

Plus to verify the integrity of the pharmacies will be very difficult, because most of them for implementation to take drugs in large quantities from unknown wholesalers, says Natalia Nikolaeva - representative of the Ministry.

So, a doctor will need to go in if you need to purchase the drug, which contains a salt of codeine in the amount of up to 20 mg / 1 dose solid dosage drug or up to 200 mg per 100 ml of liquid pharmaceutical preparation for oral administration. This suggests that we can now forget about the preparations of type "Pentalgin-N", "Codelco", "Solpadeine", "Caffeine", "Nurofen Plus" and "Terpincod".

Moreover, forms of prescriptions for these drugs provide their own forms of strict accounting forms No. 148. These recipes are the buyer does not come back - leave them in the pharmacy, where they will be stored for 3 years. Veronika Skvortsova, Minister of health consumers calms: "pharmacies at affordable prices will be a decent set of alternative drugs, containing codeine".

FDCS in turn, introduced rules evaluates extremely positive. According to her, of drugs with analgesic effects, contains the opiate codeine made drug-toxin desomorphine, which causes gangrene. For comparison, the heroin addict has an average lifespan of 5-7 years (since the first injection), and desomorphine - 1-2 years.

On desomorphine started to switch more and more drug addicts after managed to reduce the inflow of "opiate-illegals". To receive a single dose is enough 10 tablets containing codeine. Currently, in some areas of the Central part of Russia drugs illegal replaced completely desomorphine and food opium poppy.

The new law also has opponents who claim that codeine containing drugs are much more effective than many mono-preparations. "No drugs for pain strong patients simply will not be able to survive. But our doctors just fear on pain medication to prescribe, because the FDCS fear of audits. In the relatives of patients seeking medication, feel dealers, in other words, criminals," says the expert who Vladimir Mendelevich, Professor of the Kazan gosmeduniversiteta.

Alex Starchenko - member of the Public Council for protection of patients ' rights at Roszdravnadzor, co-chair of the expert Committee of the National midpalate emphasizes: "to Repay the center of cough with certain diseases may only codeine. We have long offered the least radical measures, for example, to sell drugs on the passport, to be clear, in whose hands with traces of codeine got the drug. Could the volume of dispensed drugs to limit, release 3, not 100 tablets".

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