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Scientists from the UK and France have revealed an interesting pattern is overweight has an adverse effect on mental and cognitive abilities of the person. Another significant argument in favor of a healthy diet and slim figure, according to Euromi".

The study was conducted by scientists from the two countries for ten years, during which they held under the supervision of a group of people, capturing changes in their weight, habits, and motivation. Analysis of the results revealed a tendency: the worse a person develop cognitive skills, the more weight it shows at each weighing. Part of the subjects suffered from obesity and the metabolic syndrome, namely their level of cognitive ability was 25 percent lower than other people with normal weight. Because the age of the subjects was within fifty years, while scientists can confidently speak only about the comparative decline in mental abilities full of people in age compared to their peers without making far-reaching conclusions regarding the younger group. In addition to the reduction of cognitive skills, the extra weight slows down the thinking and the decline in the quality of imagination. There is concern that the results of such studies can lead to discrimination by weight, because no employer wants to take myself to the employee, in which mental work will obviously be off by a quarter of performance from their non-obese counterparts.

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