October 9 - world day of hospice palliative care

Palliative care became an independent medical field only in the 90-ies of the last century. However, the Ministry intends to develop a unique system of palliative care for children, given the number of children and the need for medical assistance, and opportunities that support medical institutions.

Valentine Shirokova notes that among terminally ill children oncological problems have 20 percent, and the remaining patients will have problems with the nervous system, acquired and congenital. Only in Russia more than six thousand terminally ill children requiring palliative care ( 1 thousand ontologically patients).

Only 7 institutions of palliative care for children. One of the most successful Petersburg office, which can become an example for the transfer of expertise to other institutions. In July 2011 opened outpatient hospice care in Tatarstan. In other regions of palliative care for children is provided in hospitals and orphanages, as an opportunity to open the specialized agencies are not everywhere.

It is planned that the institution of palliative care will be open in 201102012 year in 74 regions, funds already pledged by the authorities in the budget. The personnel problem will also be addressed, doctors will receive a special course of training assistance to terminally ill children.

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