Obnaruzhivaemoi link health system

may 28, held a press conference at which the new Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova announced that the personnel service of the health care system is the weakest division in the field of medicine.

The Minister is going to tackle the question of improvement of personnel and strengthening the work of the personnel Department, as to how employees of medical institutions, directly to high-quality medical services personnel to the population of Russia and the health care system in General.

Not so long ago, the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation became an independent unit. And that's when Skvortsova has identified key areas that, in the first place, will be based on the work of the Ministry.

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In General, the Minister has identified 4 main areas. This development of education, science, development in the field of Biomedicine and prevention of diseases. Problems in the human resources Department of health occurred previously, and repeatedly discussed by the leadership of the Ministry. So, back in April 2012, there was noted a lack 187000 specialists while in the hospital he worked at 35000 doctors more established norms.

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