Obesity will help to cure protein producing body energy

British scientists from the University of Cambridge discovered protein BMP8B, which is able to enhance the burning of fats that inspires hope for an exclusive method of treatment of obesity, says Agency Xinhua.

Is not a secret that in humans there is the so-called white and brown fat. The first is to make the fat reserves and the second - to produce heat in the process of thermogenesis. As it became known recently, BMP8B affects the particular metabolism, regulating the functioning of brown fat.

Studies conducted on mice have shown that if the body was a deficit of BMP8B, in this case the animals were harder to maintain a normal temperature, and they were more obese experienced suffering. But the introduction of BMP8B, on the contrary, led to the fact that the cells of brown fat burned significantly more fat, but in rodents appetite has not increased.

According to Andrew Little - head of research, unlike other proteins that affect metabolism, BMP8B acts as a regulator of heat, which makes it as an ideal target for therapy.

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