Obesity reduces the sensitivity of taste receptors for sweetness

Scientists from the University at Buffalo has shown that people suffering from obesity, perceive some tastes different. Especially it concerns sugary foods. Overweight prevents adequately perceive the flavour, because it lost sensitivity, The Daily Mail reports. The data were confirmed after the experiment on mice with excess weight. They are weaker responded to sweet foods and could hardly recognize them.

Scientists say that they had fewer receptors, which are responsible for the perception of sweet products. And during the perception of the degree of reaction was more reasonable. In addition, decreased gustatory response to bitter tastes. Scientists believe that excess weight can affect the nervous system by changing it. However, no one has considered changes in the cells of the taste buds and the relationship of this process with excess weight.

It turns out that these cells are changed among the first in the development of obesity. It is possible that in this regard, and develops a craving for sweet foods, as for the psychological satisfaction requires a greater amount of product.

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