Obesity kills more people than hunger

Worldwide every night go to bed hungry almost a billion people, but to "excess food" kills more people, this is the conclusion of analysts from the red cross.

Compared with almost one billion hungry almost 1.5 billion people suffer from overweight, including in countries with low income.

At the international meeting of the Federation of societies of the red cross and Crescent was read the report, according to which overweight kills 2,400 per year, which is more than the number of deaths from starvation. In India and China, the number of those suffering from obesity is growing, but it is home to half the world's population. The reason for this growth weight may be an increase in foreign investment in developing countries, as a consequence, more and more fast food outlets in them. However, specific data for each country and the number of fast food establishments at the red cross no.

The red Cross says that there should be introduced a bill on national food security, which will deal not only with hunger in India, but also for healthy nutrition among the population.

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The foods themselves are not harmful, however, public policy and European marketing can generate more recently, suffering from lack of nutrition of the population of India, incorrect eating habits, which for them is more grievous than hunger.

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