Obesity is the cause of cancer

The results of a recent study says: obesity increases the risk of all major types of cancer. More than 12 thousand cases of cancer in the UK alone are associated with obesity, writes the BBC. If the problem of excess weight fails to win the election, is facing a rapid increase in cancer incidence worldwide.

Researchers from the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine conducted a medical data 5 million people in Britain. Note, previously such large-scale studies have not been conducted.

It turned out that the extra 13-16 pounds increase the risk of developing cancer of the gall bladder, uterus, gall bladder, thyroid and blood cancer (leukemia). Obesity is accompanied by and accelerates the growth of the most common types of tumors.

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Do not forget that the causes of cancer can be very diverse: from genetics to environmental factors. Not the last role in the formation of the tumor plays a lifestyle and nutrition. Scientists assure to track their form is not so difficult, if you look at this problem from the upcoming health problems.

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