Obesity is a disease that must be treated

Whatever the degree of obesity in humans, it must be fought and to exert maximum effort. Obesity is a pathological deviation, which is a significant increase in body weight due to fat deposits in the body. In our article we will discuss causes, effects and methods of treatment of this disease.

Obesity defined 4 degrees of development: 1 degree - 10-30% fat, 2 degree - of 30-50%, grade 3 - 50-99%, grade 4 - 100%, and even more. In order to determine the degree of obesity, there are many indexes and formulas, for example, the index of Brock.

The emergence of obesity is influenced by many factors, which primarily depend on the person, and then settle hormonal changes. And so, the first cause of obesity is poor diet. It uses the right foods (fatty, smoked, fried, eating fast foods) gives the first failure of an organism. The eating habits also can serve for the emergence of obesity. It is better to eat more often, in small portions, while leaving a 3-course meals. If you have a passive and sedentary lifestyle, it is also the obesity. If all three of the above reasons exist, the degree of obesity will increase with lightning speed. In addition, obesity can be a congenital phenomenon or a consequence of disease of the endocrine system of humans. In recent cases, with proper treatment of the thyroid gland, it is possible to achieve a positive result.

What are the treatments of obesity and can lead to your body, your body in a healthy and beautiful appearance? You! To do this, you need willpower, patience, desire and discipline. Yes, such components will help you to get rid of excess calories. Not one qualified doctor will not help if you don't understand all the essence of the problem and will not be on the path of obesity. If you are wondering how to beat obesity - obesity treatment can be effectively only if you podaite it with full seriousness and readiness. In order to achieve big changes need to start small. Review your lifestyle, certainly there are bad habits (alcohol, Smoking, overeating). Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are now starting a new life. Eat healthy and nutritious food, vegetables, fruits. Do not give up meat, it can and should be used, just cook it for a couple or in the oven. In addition to proper nutrition, increase physical stress on your body.

Gradually you will get used to the new lifestyle, and the result of your efforts you will encourage. Most importantly, don't give up, keep going forward. Everything is in your hands!

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