Obesity in adolescent girls increases the risk of hypertension nine times

Obesity increases the greater the risk in adolescent girls than in boys. To such conclusion experts of the American physiological society, conducted the study among 1,700 adolescents.

High blood pressure is a serious risk for development of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke and others. This is a prerequisite to study the effects of obesity on blood pressure numbers.

Adolescents aged 13 to 17 years old were observed in the walls of educational institutions, measuring them in blood pressure and regularly calculating the body mass index is the ratio between body weight and growth.

During the research it was found that a high body mass index in boys increases the risk of high blood pressure by 3.5 times, girls, this figure was much higher. In girls with obesity, the risk of high blood pressure in 9 times more than girls with normal body mass index.

Dr. Rudi Otis, who heads the study, said: "In General, there is a higher risk in children with a high body mass index increases in blood pressure and therefore increase the risk of cardiovascular complications. And the data clearly show that the risk for girls is much higher than that of boys".

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Healthy eating and physical activity in childhood can significantly reduce the risks of cardiovascular complications in adult life.

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