Obesity develops due to reduced sensitivity of taste receptors - the scientists

Research group of Dikanskogo University have found why some people are prone to overeating. Each person has a different level of sensitivity of taste receptors. The lack of sensitivity does not allow to recognize the fat in the food that causes the consumption of large amounts of food and obesity, The Daily Mail reports.

Scientists investigated the sensitivity to the taste of fat in volunteers. People for four days to get one of the Breakfast (protein, carbohydrate, fat). At lunch you can eat what you want - covered buffet was waiting for volunteers. During all four days of the scientists took into account data on the degree of fullness, the amount of absorbed calories.

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It turned out that people with insufficient activity of the receptors responsible for the perception of fat in your diet, consume more calories, and the diet was dominated by fried foods. Scientists suggest that in the whole group with obesity there is a deviation of the apparatus responsible for the sense of taste. Note, in addition to fat, people can recognize salty, bitter, sour, sweet, protein products.

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