Obesity can develop due to problems with the brain

Experts from Macquarie University, believe that in some cases obesity is not dependent on diet and lifestyle and diseases related to the work of the human brain.

Food habits are more influenced by the hippocampus. This part of the brain is also responsible for the destruction of the painful memories from my mind. Normal during the meal the activity of the hippocampus progressively decreases. When hunger activity increases again.

Scientists found in the experiment that the "Western" diet affects the functioning of the hippocampus. Excess fats and carbohydrates leads to serious changes in the brain. To nervous system it becomes more difficult to "stop" areas that are responsible for appetite.

Moreover, the researchers proved that the "Western" diet impairs memory. Volunteers adhere to this type of food, for the most part, tightly ate, and after a short time again, really wanted to eat.

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