Obesity can be inherited through generation

The succession of generations and maintain a healthy lifestyle before acquired new forms. It turns out that grandparents can protect their grandchildren from the additional risk of obesity, if you keep your diet and watch the weight, writes The Cranberra Times.

The present study was conducted on laboratory mice. It turned out that the mice are in the third generation were relatives of obese, more likely to suffer from this disease. The risk increased as a result of eating fatty foods, doing gipodinamija lifestyle. This little mouse had suffered had the extra weight, even if received feed less than the control group. Perhaps it is connected with disturbance of endocrine function in the genetic variance. However, proper nutrition helped to adjust the weight, despite genetic factors.

It is worth noting that research on the transmission of obesity from mother to child was not carried out in time. The present study demonstrates that the grandparents also have their share of influence on the health of their grandchildren. Obesity can affect the structure of DNA, inherited, under the action of a chemical change, scientists say. The new discovery suggests that problems with excess weight within the entire world, it is extremely difficult to overcome in a short time.

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