Obese teenagers in the future may become impotent

Researchers from the American University Buffalo concluded that adolescents with overweight in adulthood faced with infertility and impotence. Scientists have found that children with obesity less than half of testosterone in the body than their peers of normal weight. This increases the risk of infertility. Study of the level of testosterone in adolescents aged 14-20 years was held for the first time.

This same group of scientists in 2004 proved that adult men suffering from type II diabetes and obesity, the testosterone level is very low. In medicine, this phenomenon is called hypogonadism. In 2010 he conducted repeated studies on this topic. But now deficiency of testosterone found in obese adolescents with diabetes.

Study author Dr. P. of Dandona claims that its opening is very important. In developed countries, up to 25% of boys aged 11-15 years are obese. Now scientists have shown that these children in adult life can be barren or become impotent.

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In addition to problems with fertility and potency, testosterone deficiency in the body leads to the formation of extra pounds of fat on the waist, provokes a decrease in muscle mass, can cause insulin resistance. The latter, in turn, becomes the cause of diabetes. But Dr. Dandona causes and possible solution to this problem. According to him, by gastroenterologia you can normalize the testosterone level in men suffering from obesity.

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