Obese mothers leads to increased mortality

Scientists conducted a study to address the question about the relation of overweight mothers and mortality with different etiology. Only during the study was recorded 6.5 thousand premature deaths associated with obesity of the mother.

According to statistics, children, people who were born from mothers with overweight die 30% more often in adulthood. Main causes: diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

The body mass index is the main indicator of excess or deficiency of weight. Thus, the index equal to 18.5 - is an indicator of the lack of weight, up to 25 weight normal, and above 25 extra pounds.

The researchers took a group of people born from mothers with overweight. By the time of the study they were in adulthood: they were all more than 34 years. In the study was determined the facts, such as the age of the mother at the time of birth, weight, social status, child's gender, urgency of delivery.

The study yielded fruit: only for the period of its holding was recorded 6.5 thousand deaths. Of these 294 cases were directly linked to the presence of excess weight in the mother. In General, the risk of giving birth to a sick child in the presence of excess pounds higher. These children are hospitalized more often in the postpartum period and have big problems with development.

Another interesting fact: children born to mothers with obesity initially have pathology in the regulation of appetite, their center of saturation is different. Therefore, one can say that obesity in some degree passed down from generation to generation. But fortunately, this problem can be addressed with the correct food regimen daily routine. If this doesn't help - it is necessary to address to the endocrinologist.

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