Oats and barley cleanse the body and eliminate excess cholesterol

Oats and barley contain high levels of soluble fiber, which lowers cholesterol. This improves the cardiovascular system, writes The Star.

The cholesterol in the body comes from two major sources. A large part of it is produced in the liver (75%). The remaining quarter into the body of the animal by-products. Scientists classify cholesterol on "useful" and "harmful". The first is represented by high-density lipoproteins, the second is a low - density lipoproteins. "Bad" cholesterol is the main cause of formation of atherosclerotic plaque, thrombosis, ischemia of the heart arteries.

Soluble fiber removes excess lipoproteins and revitalizes the body. Once in the intestine, it forms a thick gel that binds "bad cholesterol", not allowing it to penetrate into the blood.

Scientists and doctors recommend that you periodically clean your body with the help of oats, and barley. However, before such procedures must consult with a nutritionist.

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